One of the hardest tasks during a divorce is trying to fill in all the paperwork that your lawyer needs. And at a time when you’re really just trying to keep it all together. Financial statements, net family property worth, income, current and projected expenses, budgets, valuation date… these all need to be figured out.

Maybe you’ve never handled the family finances. Maybe you handled some and your ex handled some. Maybe you handled it all. Maybe you are extremely organized. Maybe all your bills and receipts are in plastic bags and bins. Whatever your situation, I can help guide you through the sorting and filling in process. I’ll even sort through and do the organizing for you.

I’m not here to replace your lawyer or your mediator or financial advisor. I’m here to make sense of what they are asking you to do, to sort through all the information you need, determine what you have and what you need to find. And go get that information for you if you need me to. I can also help you determine if you need additional professional help and guide you to other people I trust if necessary… a lawyer, a financial planner, a real estate agent, evaluators, counsellors…whatever your situation calls for.

There’s three steps to getting started:

  1. Discuss the Details
  2. Define the Details
  3. Develop the Details

So give me a call or email me today and we can set up your first ½ hr telephone Discuss the Details consultation for free.

Next, we’ll have an initial 90 minute Define the Details meeting to consult, review your situation in detail and identify what needs to be done and I’ll provide you with a customized written action plan.  Cost of this meeting is $125.

Then you’ll have two options:

  1. $65/hr billed as incurred
  2. $500 Develop the Details consultation package which will include 10 hours of time spent working on your account and the initial meeting is free (a combined savings of $275.00)

I’ll be happy to discuss these details with you further.

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